Improving an Industrial Problem Associated with Optimizing Material in Car Seats

  • Alberto Ochoa-Zezzatti Juarez City University
  • Jöns Sánchez Instituto Tecnológico de Querétaro
  • Alberto Hernández-Aguilar Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos
  • Ricardo Pérez CIMAT
Keywords: Strategic Planning, Decision Support System, Bioinspired algorithm


In the present study explains the design of an intelligent system based on bio-inspired algorithm as an aid in the strategic planning to improve the disminution of reduced wastage associated with cutting parts of the seat covering, unlike current applications, is focused on an environment that goes beyond simple numerical forecasts and statistical processes to make this job shop. It is based on an advanced algorithm named “Bat Algorithm” that optimizes the strategies to be followed within the cut process, helping with the correct decision support to achieve competitive advantage in the market. This proposed model associated with Bioinspired Algorithm is flexible, adaptive, has learning ability, is robust and fault tolerant. This proposed model is based on methodology associated with Bioinspired Algorithms which provides optimal strategies to improve competitiveness in a company, the ability of the model can provide strategies that are not obvious because they can find no obvious relationships among variables can help the manager or leader of a company. This tool is an aid in the process of improving competitiveness because it supports the strategic decisions made in administrative technology levels of the companies.                  

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Ochoa-Zezzatti, A., Sánchez, J., Hernández-Aguilar, A., & Pérez, R. (2016). Improving an Industrial Problem Associated with Optimizing Material in Car Seats. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 7(1), 54-62. Retrieved from