Container Ship Stowage Problem to humanitarian aid in Palestine using Cultural Algorithms

  • Alberto Ochoa Juarez City University
  • Ricardo Pérez CIMAT
  • Iván Cruz CIMAT
Keywords: Cultural algorithms, data mining, modeling companies


Bioinspired algorithms are a generic term used to refer to the solution of computational problems, based on the planning and implementation based on existing models in the evolutionary process-related nature. Most evolutionary algorithms proposed paradigms that occur in the biology of living things and concepts of natural selection, mutation and reproduction. However, other paradigms that can be taken in the creation of evolutionary algorithms also exist such as the forces of nature, which have been many algorithms based on water, gas and wind reactions. Many of the environments involving unstructured problems in this case a problem of accommodation of containers of humanitarian aid to a company with limited resources, which can be considered from the perspective of cultural paradigms, because the cultural paradigms offer a wide range categorized models that ignore the possible solutions to the problem-a common situation in real life. The purpose of this research is to apply evolutionary computation properties of cultural technology; in this case, to corroborate through data mining analysis of how low the support of various companies use technology for their own benefit to propose a solution to a given problem, in our case carry different types of goods deemed humanitarian aid . The mentioned above, to carry out an adaptation from the standpoint of the modeling societies. An environment for conducting tests for this type of analysis in our case a model arrangement of containers was developed in order to enable learning about not very conventional characteristics of a cultural technology. This environment was named Allaliyah in Palestinian culture means "Together we can achieve everything."

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Ochoa, A., Pérez, R., & Cruz, I. (2016). Container Ship Stowage Problem to humanitarian aid in Palestine using Cultural Algorithms. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 7(1), 20-29. Retrieved from

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