Predictive Investment Model in the Mexican Metallurgical Industry

  • Olga Mora Rodarte Universidad Politécnica del Valle de México
  • Ocotlán Díaz-Parra Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
Keywords: Predictive model, genetic algorithm, investment, metallurgic industry, optimization


This paper is one vision of model about predictive at all many situations of investment and production capacity in the mineral – mechanic industry in Mexico. This situation is specific whit study many minerals is an about demanding investment and impacted many activities for example, factoring industry and sector visionaries about automobilist, aeroplanes, machine, hand dispositive and others. The history of Mexico minerals is growing in opportunity optimization problem according database for more eight years in economy for selective maximized. About the model predictive establish in diagnostic the many minerals in Mexico; this is of empirical investment simulation a possible consideration tendency in investment or production of mineral important of investment and costumer in Mexico. The modelling method uses potent to execute genetic algorithm to discovery investment potential across rent and contribution grow national situation about metallurgic industry and historical reason in this industry and empirical situation. 


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Mora Rodarte, O., & Díaz-Parra, O. (2020). Predictive Investment Model in the Mexican Metallurgical Industry. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 11(2), 26-39. Retrieved from

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