Node Based Visual Editor for Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Ramón Iván Barraza Castillo Ciudad Juárez Autonomous University
  • Vianey Guadalupe Cruz Sánchez Ciudad Juárez Autonomous University
  • Osslan Osiris Vergara Villegas Ciudad Juárez Autonomous University
  • Anita Loya Lozoya Ciudad Juárez Technological Institute
Keywords: Mobile augmented reality, authoring tools


Creating interactive Augmented Reality (AR) applications is still a rather technical matter; it requires programming skills that increase with the complexity of the application. This paper proposes a flexible and scalable node based visual editor, built on the entity system architecture; the creation a simple, yet interactive water cycle educational application is presented to demonstrate how the tool can be used. A usability test is conducted with six participants divided into two contrasting groups (developers and non-developers), a questionnaire is used to gather insight on the experiences from the users, the results that are presented, show that both groups found the tool to be appealing and useful.

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Barraza Castillo, R. I., Cruz Sánchez, V. G., Vergara Villegas, O. O., & Loya Lozoya, A. (2016). Node Based Visual Editor for Mobile Augmented Reality. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 7(2), 35-48. Retrieved from