Improved Twitter Virality Prediction using Text and RNN-LSTM

  • Christian E. Maldonado-Sifuentes CIC-IPN
  • Grigory Sidorov
  • Olga Kolesnikova
Keywords: Twitter infuence, Twitter virality, Twitter popularity, Applied deep learning, Social networks


The matter of influence and virality in social media has been studied since the popularity explosion of these platforms. A gargantuan amount of news and political messaging transits through Twitter every second, making it a formidable force for the propagation of information. In order to stay competitive, traditional media needs to participate in these platforms and attain influence. We propose a method to predict the influence of news tweets. To this end we use several thousand tweets to train a RNN-LSTM to classify news tweets as influential or not influential using a corpus of 5000 automatically labeled tweets according to their influence. Our method reaches an F1 of 0.83, while training and classifying in under 300 seconds.

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Maldonado-Sifuentes, C. E., Sidorov, G., & Kolesnikova, O. (2021). Improved Twitter Virality Prediction using Text and RNN-LSTM. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 12(3), 50-62. Retrieved from