Logistics Strategies for the Distribution of Humanitarian Aid


  • Erika Barojas-Payán Facultad de Ingeniería-UV
  • Diana Sánchez-Partida UPAEP University
  • Rubén Villafuerte-Diaz Facultad de Ingeniería-UV
  • Victorino Juárez-Rivera


Hydrometeorological Phenomenon; Pre-positioned Warehouses; Inventory Levels.


The purpose of this document is to track down feasible locations for the installation of pre-positioned warehouses and their inventory levels, in the different areas that make up the state of Veracruz, Mexico. To do this, support organizations and institutions that respond to the disaster to maintain a quality of life for people affected by a hydrometeorological phenomenon. An integer nonlinear programming model is developed, the inventory level equation (q,R) is considered, and the analysis of institutional databases for its feeding, evaluated through its application in 90% of the regions belonging to the State of Veracruz, Mexico. The minimization of logistics costs involved in locating municipalities, which due to their characteristics, maybe the headquarters of pre-positioning warehouses, in this case, are Naranjos de Amatlán, Cerro Azul, Tihuatlán, San Rafael, Manilo Fabio Altamirano, Fortín de las Flores, Cosamaloapan and Las Choapas. Together with the variables of their inventory levels based on the different stages of human life: economic order quantity, reorder point, safety inventory and non-supply, which allow the supply of both food kits, equipment such as water and medicines (vaccines), to victims of a natural hydrometeorological phenomenon.




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Erika Barojas-Payán, Diana Sánchez-Partida, Rubén Villafuerte-Diaz, & Victorino Juárez-Rivera. (2021). Logistics Strategies for the Distribution of Humanitarian Aid. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 13(1), 50–64. Retrieved from https://ijcopi.org/ojs/article/view/214