Genetic algorithms for route optimization in the picking problem

  • Heriberto Casarrubias-Vargas UAEM Valle de México
  • Noé Vásquez-Godínez Centro Universitario UAEM Valle de México
  • Maribel Chavéz-Hernández
  • Gabriela Gaviño Ortiz
Keywords: Genetic Algorithms, Picking Problem, Travel Time Optimization, Heuristic algorithms


The picking problem is part of the item picking problem in a warehouse for a given order and is the most expensive in the process; Optimizing the item collection time is essential because it is a bottleneck in the service rate of orders fulfilled and has a significant impact on the efficiency of the supply chain. This work proposes a strategy to reduce the picking time by minimizing the route using  a genetic algorithm; a comparison is performed with other heuristic strategies in warehouses with different morphologies and considering orders of different sizes.

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Casarrubias-Vargas, H., V´ásquez-GodínezN., Chavéz-Hernández, M., & Gaviño-Ortiz, G. (2021). Genetic algorithms for route optimization in the picking problem. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 12(2), 32-46. Retrieved from