OMO Adventure video game modeling for the teaching of mathematics in basic education

  • Omar Martínez Osorio NovaUniversitas
  • Juan Manuel Martínez Zaragoza, MD. Profesor-Investigador University NovaUniversitas
  • Josué Neftalí García Matías, M.E.C Profesor-Investigador University NovaUniversitas
  • Alberto de Jesus Díaz Ortíz, Dr. Profesor-Investigador University NovaUniversitas
Keywords: Learning, Basic Education, Mathematics, VideoGame


Basic mathematics can be complicated from primary education if the class is based on the presentation of the teacher and the explanation of basic topics instead of allowing students to investigate the topics and develop their own knowledge. In this sense, constructivism proposes that the necessary tools be granted to students with the aim of converting a boring and theoretical class into dynamic and fun. That is why taking advantage of the advantages offered by video games based on learning, the design and logic of an adventure videogame to teach mathematics to elementary school students is proposed, with the aim of providing a tool to educators that allows strengthening the student learning process in this area.

Author Biography

Juan Manuel Martínez Zaragoza, MD., Profesor-Investigador University NovaUniversitas

Jefe de carrera licenciatura en informática

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Osorio, O. M., Zaragoza, J. M. M., Matías, J. N. G., & Ortíz, A. de J. D. (2021). OMO Adventure video game modeling for the teaching of mathematics in basic education. International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, 12(2), 47-53. Retrieved from